Country Gardens Vegetables  -- Vegetables 2016

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Opening day, May 7, 2016
Bedding plants. Annual flower plants.

We are growing a large array of vegetables this year. Here is a list & probable times they will be first at market.

Mid May --  Leaf Lettuce       Radish  

Early June --  Strawberries   Broccoli   Kohlrabi   Peas                           

Mid June  --    Peas   Cucumbers   

Late June  --  Beans   Onions

Early July --  Beets    Carrots   Cabbage   Zucchini

Late July  --  Hot peppers   Bell Peppers  Summer Squash   Cauliflower  Celery   Kale

Early August -- Canning Tomatoes    Watermelons    Pickling Cucumbers

Late August  --  Acorn Squash    Kraut Cabbage

September  --  Winter Squash  Sweet Potatoes

October --  Still have tomatoes & other veggies as season allows. 

Farmers Market location for 2016,

Best Buy parking lot, across from Old Country buffet.

Find us in the NW corner of the lot.

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