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Member of Mankato Farmers Market 

2023 Farmers Market will be in Best Buy parking lot. Saturday's, 8 AM 'till noon.

       Weekday market, Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30 PM to 6 PM. Northside of Best Buy lot.

Country Gardens was founded in 1985. We headed off for the local Farmers Market, not knowing anything about it. A friend had told us about it, but didn't have any details. We had a good supply of eggs & some overgrown red beets. We arrived in Mankato old town district early on a Saturday morning. There were a crowd of people in a small parking lot. It was the market! A man came up to our car, asked what we had to sell, showed us a place to park. The rest is history, as we are entering our 38th year.

Country Gardens had a high of 18 acres of vegetables at one time. As time went by, we have settled in to a 5 acre spread. 

Due to the varied nationalities of the customers, we have a lot of ethnic vegetables, such as eggplant, hot peppers, herbs & greens. I have been raising tomatoes in a greenhouse for a number of years. They are ready for sale by mid June & last until the end of October. These are in the ground grown, not hydroponic.

2023; Not much new this year. Just going to do a bang up job with what we have going.

Spring time we offer  bedding plants. 2023 will see Petunias, Marigolds, Dianthus, Border Dahlia's, Zinnia's & our favorite, Coleus. Also a good selection of tomato plants, pepper plants & herb starts.  Order vegetable & bedding plants.

Our family is me & my wife, Bertha and son Bernie Jr. We get help from our son Joe & his friend Melvin. They do the field work & harvesting. Mostly my job now is bookwork, planning & some tomato trimming. We all go to market, as setup takes about 1½ hours. 

We are located halfway between Madelia & St. James, Minnesota, just off of State Highway #60. We welcome visitors any time. You can get a grand tour of the place.     

When we are not busy with gardening, we custom build kitchen & bath cabinets. You can visit us there at;

July 17, 2014   Lonnie, Jordan & Bertha. Waiting for 3:30 opening.

Grand kids like to sell at the Market. 2007.
Jordan on the left, Audrianna on the right.

Part of the garden, 2013

Eggplant, sweet peppers, and cabbage. July 2014.

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