Country Gardens Vegetables  -- 2015

Special Orders;

Beans, Pickling cucumbers, Beets, Onions, Potatoes & Tomatoes will be available in larger quantities.

How this will work.

You will send us an e-mail, with what you would like. Please give a one week notice on orders.

Beans, $3.00 per pound, 5 pound minimum.

Pickling Cucumbers, ½ bushel $35.00 (24 pounds). 1 pound makes 1 quart of pickles.

Beets, 25 pound bag, $25.00.

Onions, 25 pound bag, $12.00.

Potatoes, 25 pound bag, $15.00.

Tomatoes, ½ bushel, $16.00.

Other things also can be ordered ahead. E-mail your request.

E-mails will be answered daily.

Again, e-mail is;